Lives and works in Japan

She was born to a father who is a special leather bag craftsman. For this reason, she has been familiar with highly skilled handicrafts since she was very little.
She traveled to France in 2009 when she was introduced to Luneville embroidery (Crochet de Luneville), a technique used in Haute Couture embroidery. Being introduced to different histories and arts, she learned art embroidery at Lesage (embroidery school) in Paris and the strictly confidential techniques at Conservatoire in Luneville, the birthplace of Luneville embroidery.

After returning home, she entered several art competitions in Japan, and exhibited her artworks at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, National Art Center and other galleries. She won several high-ranking awards, including the Costume Jewelry Division at Beads Art Japan 2013 (Hiroshima/Tokyo) and the Art Division at International Bead Biennale 2015 (Hiroshima/Tokyo).

In 2017 and 2019 (2023 declined), she was invited to the embroidery art exhibition, TALENTS, hosted by the France art embroidery association, “Brode-Art.” There, she exhibited, demonstrated, and sold her artworks.

Focusing on the beauty of the materials of beads, sequins and strings, especially vintage beads, she continues creating artworks under the inspirations from the scenery and the historical buildings that cross her path.